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Marketing Research

When it comes to developing proprietary marketing research (both quantitative and qualitative), Practicomm has few equals in this business who are as creative and thorough as we are. 

The power of solid research programs is only as good as the thinking that goes into from the outset. We have the experience and the people who offer that thinking to ensure your success.


From both a strategic positioning standpoint all the way through to executing the right disciplines to promote a brand, Practicomm puts together the most powerful group of communications specialists available at a fraction of the cost larger agencies charge. 

Dr. Walter Guarino, Partner, has been conducting branding studies from hundreds of clients over several decades.  He has developed a unique and effective way to create or resuscitate brands unlike those offered by most of today’s branding “specialists.”



One of the main reasons why Practicomm is able to offer “targeted communications” effectively is that we put together specialists in the appropriate disciplines from a pool of more than 30 experts in their chosen fields.

Think about having graphic designers and writers who specialize in annual reports, for example, the next time you have to create one. Or, specialists in the area of creating a new brand identity. They can hit the ground running and save you a lot of time and wasted energy from the start.

Social Media and
Online Marketing

There are very few “experts” in this rapidly evolving world of integrated online business communications. It ‘s never a case of just setting clients up on the Social Media sites and just writing posts and blogs when we’re involved.

Talk to Practicomm about how we maximize the value of this increasingly important area of what is sure to be “the future of communications.”

 How Practicomm Began...

The firm’s three founders started out in the fields of law, publishing and financial planning. Today, we have accumulated over 80 years of experience in the communications business. We have always been somewhat fascinated by the way people make marketing and communications decisions. Learning how to extract and determine that information on behalf of our clients has become one of the building blocks of Practicomm LLC. Another is that we believe it is just as important to know what the right messages should be as well as it is to learn how people want to hear those messages conveyed. It was only natural that we would join forces and become a virtual integrated marketing communications firm as part of the initiative called “The Free Agent Nation.”  We not only offer vast expertise, experience and innovative thinking, but also a point of difference unlike our competitors who are hidebound by tradition. That difference is to offer you the most effective communications at the most affordable cost.


Practical Targeted Communications

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